Heat Detection Patch

To breed or not to breed! The BOViFLAG™ heat detection aid helps to identify estrus in cows. When a cow has been mounted, the silver scratch-off ink is rubbed off by the mounting and will reveal the bright colour underneath. The more mounts, the more of the bright colour is revealed. VIEW BOViFLAG™


Tail Paint and General Animal Marker is available in 4 colours, water-based and lead-free and quick & easy to apply with the applicator brush. VIEW BOViPAINT™

Identification Tag

A simple way to identify & manage your cows. Use leg or tail tags to identify dry cows, lame cows, in breeding and reproduction and medical treatment management. BOViTAG™ is self-adhesive and is available in various colours. VIEW BOViTAG™

question every farmer should ask is “WHAT IS THE VALUE OF GETTING A COW PREGNANT? “

Dr. Albert de Vries, Ph.D. from the Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida, took into consideration multiple factors that determine the net present value of a cow when she falls pregnant and when she does not fall pregnant. He found on average

- The loss due to failure to get pregnant is $473 (R4250)
- The average loss per day $2.92 (R26)

It is worthwhile for the farmer to spend $1,00-$2,00 on a reliable heat detection aid.

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