Heat Detection Patch

To breed or not to breed! The BOViFLAG™ heat detection aid helps to identify estrus in cows. When a cow has been mounted, the silver scratch-off ink is rubbed off by the mounting and will reveal the bright colour underneath. The more mounts, the more of the bright colour is revealed. VIEW BOViFLAG™

BOViFLAG performance tests

Farmers often ask us how our product compares to other scratch-off heat detectors on the market, so we agreed to perform three simple comparison tests. A scratch-off heat detection aid should perform on three levels. 1. It must adhere to the cow and not fall off. 2. It must not scratch off too easily, but also not too difficult. Finally it must be strong enough to withstand the forces applied to the product during mounting. In these three video clips, you can see how BOViFLAG™ performs against a very reputable market leading product. With BOViFLAG’s almost 40% bigger size, it provides for excellent adherence, great visibility, and similar performance and benefits.

Play Video Scratch-off test Play Video Strength Test Play Video Adhesive Test


Tail Paint and General Animal Marker is available in 4 colours, water-based and lead-free and quick & easy to apply with the applicator brush. VIEW BOViPAINT™

question every farmer should ask is “WHAT IS THE VALUE OF GETTING A COW PREGNANT? “

Dr. Albert de Vries, Ph.D. from the Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida, took into consideration multiple factors that determine the net present value of a cow when she falls pregnant and when she does not fall pregnant. He found on average

- The loss due to failure to get pregnant is $473 (R4250)
- The average loss per day $2.92 (R26)

It is worthwhile for the farmer to spend $1,00-$2,00 on a reliable heat detection aid.

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