TAIL PAINT WITH BITTERING AGENT Heat Detection Aid and General Animal Marker

  • Available in 4 Colours : Red, Blue, Green & Yellow
  • Quick & easy to apply with Applicator Brush
  • Water-based
  • Waterproof once dry
  • Contains a bittering agent to deter licking
  • Non- Hazardous
  • Lead-free

 Directions for use:

  • Make sure tail head area of cow is clean and free of any loose hair.
  • Apply a paint strip, approximately 15cm in length and 3-5cm wide, along the spine in the same direction of the hairgrowth of the tail head. Additional coats may be applied and will aid performance of product.
  • The paint is rubbed off by crumbling and hair will stand on end when standing cows are mounted, a clear indication of Estrus activity.
  • Reapplication is needed to confirm  Estrus activity
  • BOViPAINT™ will remain on cows that have not cycled – duration subject to conditions and correct application.

 Uses of BOViPAINT™

  • HEAT DETECTION AID – applied to Dairy Cattle prior Artificial Insemination. The paint is painted on the tail-head (top end of tail) section of the cow in a 15 x 3-5cm strip. When the cows mount each other (this is a sign that the standing cow is in Heat), the paint will be rubbed off by crumbling and hair will stand on end, thus a sure sign that the cow is on Heat (in Estrus) and ready for Artificial Insemination.
  • GENERAL MARKER – can also be used during non-mating season as general marker on cattle, e.g. marking of dates, numbers, medicated cattle etc.