A simple way to identify & manage your cows with BOViTAG™.

use BOViTAG™ to identify:

  • dry / lame cows
  • breeding / reproduction
  • sorting / culling
  • medical treatment / risk management

By writing with a permanent marker on the tag, you can quickly identify the reason why the cow was tagged. BOViTAG™ is self-adhesive and is available in various colours.

how to apply BOViTAG™

Wrap the tag around the tail

Choose application area towards the lower end of the tail. Fold the tag around the tail, so that the two edges of the tag joins again. Alternatively you can wrap it around the tail. Trim the tag if desired. Do not fit it too tightly around the tail, since it might affect circulation.

Wrap the tag around the leg

Wrap the BOViTAG™ around the lower end of the leg. Do not fit it too tightly, since it might affect circulation.

Removing the tag

Cut the tag with a pair of scissors or knife.

Click here for a printable BOViTAG™ manual.

Warranty statement

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How to apply BOViTAG